Mammaplasty, also known as breast augmentation, is a surgical or non-surgical procedure of enhancing the contours of women’s breast to provide satisfaction to the client. A common misconception about this surgery is that it is only for increasing the size of a woman’s breast, but more than half of the clients undergo this procedure to decrease the size of their breast.

This procedure involves the use of implants to achieve fuller breasts or to bring back the lost volume of the breast after a major weight loss or after pregnancy.

The Philippines has many board-certified and qualified plastic surgeons that can help you decide with your breast augmentation procedure.

Also, some patients that go through this procedure have asymmetric breasts, especially when they have also experienced another treatment that would affect the shape of their breasts. Nowadays, more women are bothered by the size of their breasts. They think that size matters when it comes to being aesthetically beautiful. Some others need this treatment because of health reasons. Among all the cosmetic surgeries these days, mammoplasty is one of the top five procedures because more and more women care about the size and shape of their breasts.

In the Philippines, the number of patients being subjected to this treatment increased because of the new techniques and equipment that surgical clinics have. Consequently, more and more clients from other countries are going to our country just to get the procedure done.

One of the reasons why many people prefer having their breast augmentation in the Philippines is because of its lower cost. Plastic surgeons in the Philippines offer one of the best procedures for breast augmentation for a much lower cost compared to other countries. The results of this procedure in the Philippines are better or almost the same with other countries, but clients will just have to pay for only a portion of the fees when the procedure is done in the country. In addition, Filipinos easily adapt the technology used by other countries for their cosmetic procedures. When a new technology or equipment is brought in the Philippines, surgeons make ways to have the same results in a lower price, which clients usually like.

Also, most foreigners want to undergo surgery in the Philippines because of the hospitality of the Filipinos. After the operation, Filipinos provide thorough care to their patients. Most foreigners believe that Filipinos do not do the job because they are paid, but because they are really willing to take care of the patient, and this is why other nationalities want to go through breast augmentation in the Philippines.