After your cosmetic surgery, there will be some swelling and twinges for a couple of weeks depending on the type of operation you have undergone. Your body will go through healing process and you must take care of it so you can achieve your most desired results. Here are some tips that you should know for safe and healthy cell repair.


Eat plenty of food rich with vitamins and minerals. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. These will help your body to regenerate energy and heal fast.

Not only that. Citrus fruits are rich with Vitamin C. But it’s not always oranges and lemons that are rich source of Vitamin C. Kiwi and strawberries can also give boost of strength to your immune system and help your scar heal quickly.
One the other hand, almonds also provide Vitamin E for your skin which helps the surgery marks to be seamless.

Drink lots of water. Remember that water is life. Stay hydrated to keep all your system functioning well.


Stop your vices even for the meantime. Don’t smoke or drink after your surgery especially for women who had breast augmentation. It can harm the implants and slow your recovery.

Don’t push yourself to work immediately. Take your time to rest and recuperate. Pushing yourself to work can harm your recovering body. Keep in mind that it takes awhile for the body to heal after surgery.

Avoid traveling. Some airlines halt patients to fly for a couple of weeks after major surgery. If there’s a need to travel, make sure that there’s enough facility on board more than just first aid kit.

Don’t hesitate to ask. If you have any question, feel free to ask your doctor. Even it’s a simple ‘what if’ will keep you from hesitations. Your doctor surely knows how to deal with your questions.
If you don’t have the appetite, you can take soups or juices for the meantime. But, if your stomach is completely fine, you can continue your usual diet right away.