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Six Tips Before your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Any kind of medical operation has its complications and risks. Breast augmentation procedure is no exception. In fact, for some women, it may be a stressful time; and stress makes you do crazy things.

If you are planning to have a breast augmentation procedure, it is important that you plan months ahead before your big day. Planning is important because it prepares you for whatever and whenever you need something.

Breast augmentation is a significant event in a woman’s life but don’t let the stress come over you. Here are six tips before your breast augmentation procedure.

Consult your plastic surgeon before your breast augmentation procedure.

Make Personal Arrangements Early

Before the big day, arrange everything you need after the procedure like your “recovery room” at home, etc. It is also important not to overlook how you plan going to the hospital or clinic. It is better to have someone drive you to and from after the procedure. It is advisable that you have someone with you within the first 24 hours after the procedure because it is the most crucial part of the whole healing process.

Minimize your Responsibilities

A board-certified plastic surgeon will advice that immediately after your procedure, you should take a rest. In this case, ask someone to watch over your children even just for a day or two. More so, even before your procedure, you should have extra fluids or food at home so that you won’t have to leave the house. Lastly, if you have prescriptions, make sure that you have already made refills.

Pack your Stuff Early

Think of having a breast augmentation procedure as having another baby. Consulting with your plastic surgeon is crucial in the whole process because days before the operation, he will provide you a list of items you should bring with you on the day of the procedure. Generally, this should include prescriptions, medications and paper works. The earlier you packed the better.

Get your Game Face On

To have a fast recovery, as much as possible, it is advised that you prepare for the procedure months before; but, three days before the big day, treat your body with a healthy diet and avoid alcohol. You should also avoid vigorous exercises because this can lengthen your recovery period.

Don’t Forget Your Hygiene

The night before your breast augmentation procedure, shower and wash the areas involved; usually, the plastic surgeon will give you an antimicrobial soap. After showering, DO NOT put on make-up, creams, oils, deodorants and even moisturizers. As with any other surgery, do not drink or eat the night before.

Wear Proper Clothes

Wear and bring loose-fitting clothes with you during your procedure; preferably clothes that can be opened from the front. Also, choose flats and slip-on shoes. Do not worry much about how you will look immediately after the procedure because no one really looks good after any operation. All of these items will make you much more comfortable.

“Before your breast augmentation procedure, your plastic surgeon should make sure that you understand exactly what should be done and how the entire process will play out,” explains Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona. It is important that you ask your surgeon any questions that you have in mind so that in the end. You will have the result that you want.

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Understanding Gynecomastia

Unless you are in the medical field, you might not be familiar with gynecomastia, or breasts in the male form. It is true that not only women have enlarged breasts, but a good number of the male population suffers from it. This is the reason why researchers and surgeons developed procedures to reduce enlarged breasts in men.

Men who suffer from gynecomastia need not to worry because it can now be cure by plastic surgery.

Causes of Gynecomastia

There are many factors as to how a male incur more prominent breasts. These include genes, hormonal imbalances, use of steroids, obesity, liver disease and many others. Normally, this condition is from the abundant growth in the glandular and fatty tissue in the male breast which gives them a small to medium breasts. 40-60% of men experience it. It can also be present since birth, during the onset of puberty or simply the aging process.

Do You Have Gynecomastia?

Although it occurs in people with normal weight or body fat composition, it can also be from being overweight. If your case is such the latter, adhere to a diet plan and exercise; and if it does not solve your problems or you still feel as though you have fatty breasts, chances are, you might have the condition.

These are Your Choices

Your options normally depend on the cause but generally, most men choose to have it removed either by liposuction, manual fat extraction or mesotheraphy. You can have it removed at any time as long as you are in healthy condition and has realistic expectations. For best results, you can always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Preparation Prior to Procedure

If you choose to have it removed, be sure to ask your surgeon about how to prepare. Just in case you become jittery on the actual day, always prepare before it arrives. Do not drink or eat anything after midnight on the evening prior to your operation; arrive in the clinic clean—freshly scrubbed with your instructed soap, no deodorant, powders, cologne, etc. You should also ask your surgeon about Vitamin C to be taken weeks prior the surgery. This is essential in good healing and to ward off colds or flu.

There are still other ways of preparing for the operation and you can always ask your surgeon about it.

What to Expect after the Operation

Expect that after your operation, you will be swollen and bruised; if such occurs, don’t panic because it will subside sooner or later. Your chest will feel more tender, stiff and sore a few days after but consult your doctor as to when you can move even just for a few minutes. Resting all day can lead to more blood clot which is very dangerous. Also expect pain, heat tingling, prickling and even burning sensations. This is caused by minor nerve damage but all you sensations will come back again after a few weeks.

Overall improvement should be expected in just a few weeks. Swelling and bruising will have subsided this time and results will become more obvious. More so, it takes about 3-6 months for the rest of the swelling to subside.

Breast augmentation in the Philippines is not just limited to women. Gynecomastia procedure is available for most plastic surgery clinics in the country. What’s important is that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure that only the best procedure will be practiced.

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