ideal-breast-implantsIn the last 20 years, we only know about saline and silicone implants but according to the January 2013 issue of Marie Claire US, the latest trend in breast augmentation procedure involves your own body fat and cells. This is already one of the most sought-after procedures in Europe and Asia and with the rise of A-list celebrities “discreetly endorsing” this trend, it has become one of the most in-demand procedure asked by the ordinary Jane.

This only means two things: with further and long term testing, it will prove to have lower risk, yet an effective breast augmentation option. This process is done by using the individual’s own fat as implant material. Together with liposuction, which harvests the fat and stem cells which is thus injected to the breast, the stem cells are sometimes processed first to increase concentration; after which, it is now inserted into the breasts.

Unlike saline and silicone breast implants, one its best benefit is that it is natural. It also do not have scarring and best of all, the breast look and feel like regular breasts. The disadvantage of this kind of procedure is the price because it is more expensive and is limited to just one cup size (depending on hw much stem cell or fat is harvested from your body).

Aside from these procedures, there are other upcoming techniques that might pick up this year. Plastic surgeons are looking into custom-shaped and custom-fitted accessories. The IDEAL implant is something to look forward too as well. This one is composed of multiple and smaller saline implants that are pieced together. Many cosmetic surgeons have agreed that it is more natural aesthetically than the customary saline implants.

Breast augmentation in the Philippines may be far from these procedures but as we always are, we are never too far from being in the latest trend in everything—may it be fashion, food and even plastic surgery—because that’s always how the Philippines have been.