The Philippines has been doing drastic efforts lately to boost its medical tourism services. Recently, the country launched a program detailing its plan to beef up medical services particularly in plastic surgery and to encourage tourists to visit the country.

Medical tourism is one of the industries that helps the economy of our neighbor countries like India, Singapore and Thailand.

“And with how competent our local doctors in the country and how low our prices when it come to medical services , I think it’s one of the best time that we boost our efforts to promote the industry and make it among our offerings to invite tourists in the country,” Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said.

As baby boomers aged, plastic surgery and other medical services are seen as among the industries that will definitely skyrocket. Manifestation of which has been obvious as supplements and anti-ageing products’ sales continue to rise while brands continue to clutter on the shelves of local supermarket and beauty stores.

These beauty and anti-ageing products have clutched on how beauty and young-looking body and face is perceived important. Furthermore, showing how effective these brands promote their products, having good looks is among the top priority of people nowadays, especially to women.

The Philippines as center for plastic surgery

Since we live in a fast-paced world, people are more inclined in having immediate results. This is where plastic surgery comes in. Although you’ll need to shell out higher amount of money compared to beauty products, results can be seen in much quicker time. Baby boomers from around the world who are already receiving their pension plans from years of labor can surely afford the prices offered by the medical services, proof of which is found in the popularity of facelift and other cosmetic services.

That is why the plan that was released by the Department of Tourism and Department of Health are having baby boomers as one of the main target of the said campaign. They definitely have the money to spend for the services and time to fly-in other countries to enjoy the fruit of their hard work.

The Philippines as a tourism destination

When it comes to relaxing destinations, the Philippines is a paradise. Palawan, Boracay and Batanes are among the places that are plagued by tourists. We just need to equip these local destinations with convenient transportation and modern medical services. We have to make traveling on these top local destinations easier. “We are looking into both issues and trying to work on them so we can have the best offers when it comes to medical tourism,” Jimenez further shared.