In the Philippines, the most common plastic surgery is breast augmentation. This is mostly done to enlarge small underdeveloped breasts as well as to balance asymmetric breasts after mastectomy reconstruction.

Just like any other operation or surgery, one must do their research first. What are the risks of the operation? How long would it need for you to recover? How safe is it? In the case of breast augmentation, what one should know is what kind of material would be placed in your body as  boob enhancement. You wouldn’t want to be okay with “just anything”, right?

So here are the type of breasts implants that would give light to breast augmentation surgery.


The silicone gel is the most popular breast implant in use today since it closely resembles the “real deal.” These implants are filled with silicone substance, and the gel is very soft and supple that gives the feeling of natural breasts. It varies in firmness and consistency and is available in round or tear-drop shape.

In case of ruptures, silicone gel impants are difficult to notice since the leaking silicone stays in the body. Good thing that study results haven’t found any increased risk of disease. What experts recommend is for women to have an MRI 3 years after the surgery to make sure that the implant are not damanged.


The saline implants have been declared safe to use due to its saline solution similar to body fluids. In the event that the implant ruptures or breaks, the body can safely absorb or excrete it. What makes it different from the more popular silicone gel is that it’s only available in round shape and does not feel as natural. However, this difference makes the saline implant more suitable to women with much breast tissue who needs sub-muscular emplacement.

Other breast implants

The latest hype in breast implants is the gummy bear implants also known as “teardrop” which gives bigger yet more natural-looking breasts.  This Brazilian implant is currently available in Europe and South America will soon be in Asia.

Other alternative breast implants are those with miscellaneous fillers such as soy oil, hydrogel and others. However, these are no longer recommended to be used especially with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory (MHRA) monitoring the safety of such fillers.

For the cost of the surgery, it actually depends on the doctor, location and the type of implant used. In the US, a typical breast augmentation surgery ranges from $5, 000 to $10, 000. Fortunately, the Philippines is blessed with skilled plastic surgeons who charge an estimate of a third of the said amounts.

So, which breast implant do you think suit you?