Kate Middleton has been envied because of many things — her wardrobe, her regal posture, her teeth, her husband. And now people has found another thing to get envious of – her nose.

The Royal Rhinoplasty

It is no longer enough to just copy her style, but many women are opting for plastic surgery in order to also look like Kate Middleton even with just the nose part. Many have dubbed the “hottest spring accessory” of the year as the “Royal Rhinoplasty” or the “Kate Middleton Designer Nose.”

What made women desirous of the Duchess’ nose, according to psychologist Carmen Lefevre, is how “the symmetry of Kate’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect.” Women nowadays want cute, little perky noses that would look natural on their face.

The trend started in the US when New York women started flocking in plastic surgery centers with pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge in hand. It was also noted that the number of rhinoplasties done has tripled since 2011. The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group from Britain has also remarked that the Duchess’ nose was “the most requested celebrity facial feature in 2012.”

Rhinoplasty in the Philippines

Rhinoplasty is a procedure for the reshaping of the nose to balance the rest of the face, which involves removing or re-arranging the bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure in the Philippines, and has been requested not just by women but also men and anyone from all walks of life either to get their desired look or get rid of breathing discomfort.

The top plastic surgery done in the country is still breast augmentation, but rhinoplasty is on its way to becoming a favorite procedure. It is not unusual for a Filipino to remark how flat his nose looks that when one has a nose job done, people would immediately notice. But with this new trend of “looking natural” as what plastic surgeons call Kate Middleton’s nose, achieving a pretty little nose that go well with one’s face would not be a problem.

With this boom of Kate Middleton rhinoplasty, do you think the Philippines should also follow this trend?