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Seeking Dr. Right: How to Find the Best Philippine Plastic Surgeon

Just like when looking for Mr. Right, many are apprehensive in taking risks when it comes to matter of the heart; in this case, seeking Dr. Right could also be risky when it comes to your health.

For those who haven’t found the right plastic surgeon, particularly those undergoing surgery for the first time, the most crucial decision one has to make is putting yourself at the mercy of someone you don’t know so well. A lot of things are at stake with your surgery – health, money, appearance, self-confidence, and mental state among others. So it is imperative you have done your research well.

So, when you are not familiar with any surgeon, here are some tips that you can consider when searching for your very own Dr. Right:

Check board-certification

This is the best indicator that a surgeon has earned the necessary knowledge and training for his medical specialization.

Check affiliations

Affiliations in different hospitals and organizations can establish a surgeon’s expertise and other doctor’s respect for him. For example in checking out a plastic surgeon in the Philippines, you can turn to the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS) which recognized by both the Philippine Medical Association and the Philippine College of Surgeons for competent practice and specialization.

Check facility accreditation

If your surgery is not to be performed in reputable hospital, you should find out if the surgicenter or office-based surgical facility has been declared safe for any procedure. Call the office beforehand and gather as much legal information as you can and confirm it with the governing agencies.

Check surgeon’s records and experience

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be connected with someone who has been proven to have done malpractice. Before and after pictures, testimonials, seminars attended, years of practice – these are important factors that determine a doctor’s is trustworthy and skilled. Also, you can check what he is best at; if he’s been known to have performed countless rhinoplasty surgeries, then it’s no doubt that your next nose job can be expertly done by him.

Check trustworthiness

Once you’ve done your research, it is safe to visit your surgeon for consultation. Based on this meeting, you can decide if he is someone you can “trust.” Take note of how knowledgeable he is, how he answers your questions and expectations, and how comfortable you are in his company. Bestowing to him the title as your best plastic surgeon depends on your rapport with each other.

Who Else Wants to Get Rid of Frown Lines?

Have people always told you to “cheer up” or asked you what your problem is the moment they see you? Sure, it’s nice to hear that they care for you, but it gets kinda tiring when you’re not remotely close to frowning.

Those annoying things that make people perceive that you’re problematic, stressed, or undergoing any hard times that make you look older are your so-called frown lines and wrinkles which appear around the mouth, jaw lines and forehead. These also include sagging skin on the face and crow’s feet.

Most people experience this. Frown lines are due to ageing, lifestyle, diet and skin care habits. Although natural remedies have been known to lighten one’s disposition and appearance, some more serious-looking frown lines tend to stay for life.

So if they have annoyed you to know end, get to know more about these treatments that could get rid of those stubborn lines.

Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures for Frown Lines

As said before, frown lines tend not to go away especially if their cause is age. Some of them won’t respond to natural remedies and would need a more aggressive approach in getting rid of them just like a cosmetic surgery which is popular in the Philippines and other countries as well.

·         Botox

A favorite treatment of many, botox injections paralyze muscles where frown lines appear and usually last from 4 to 6 months.

·         Injectable Fillers

These injectables are inserted into the skin to “fill in” lines and wrinkles which give the skin a smoother appearance.

·         Forehead Lift

Facelift surgeries are widely used to make the one’s face look younger. Among these surgeries is the forehead lift where the plastic surgeon will make incisions at your hairline to correct the lines surgically.

Natural Treatments

As said before, these frown lines are due largely to how we live our day to day life. If your pocket can’t take the shock of cosmetic procedures, there are those natural treatments that you can turn to.

Replenish your skin’s keratin and Vitamin E, which decrease due to ageing. A good approach would be applying olive oil, which is a source of many vitamins, on affected areas and could also help in re-growing dead skin cells that are affected by sun damage. You may also use apple juice or pineapple juice.

As for lifestyle change, it would do your skin good if you’ll take measures in avoiding too much sun exposure. Try lowering your caffeine intake and eat a healthy diet. You can also relieve yourself of stress by taking yoga classes or learning to meditate.

No one wants to look like someone who has been harassed all the time. With these remedies, you can turn those frowns to smiles.

Body Contouring: Not Just for Summer

For the past months, you have diligently worked on your diet and workout routines for this special season where you can finally show off your beach body. You are even feeling lighter and healthier making you think that your efforts have paid off. But when you look at the mirror, you start doubting yourself again and think: I’m still fat.

Well, it is certainly true that you were successful in achieving a healthier body. It’s just that you have reached the final stage of your weight loss journey where sagging skin becomes your most stubborn adversary.

After dramatic weight loss

After dramatic weight loss, say 100 pounds or more, which involved dieting and working out, you may find folds of sagging skin in your abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts and even in the face area. Don’t despair with your routine as these kinds of fats and skin are those that lost their elasticity as you worked out and are often the ones that won’t be easily reshaped.

This is where body contouring surgery comes in. In order to address the aesthetic concerns of patients as well as to help them gain better mobility, hygiene, and prevent infections and rashes, combination of different procedures is developed for them.

Body contouring surgery

A number of procedures are needed in order to gain the optimum body shape after one’s weight loss. Here in the Philippines, plastic surgery such as these is easily done to help more Filipinos who have tried addressing their obesity and other weight-related problems.

·         Liposuction for fat removal in the abdomen, thigh, buttocks and other parts of the body

·         Abdominoplasty for excessive skin and fat removal for well-toned abdomen

·         Buttocks lift for better shaped and toned bums

·         Arm lift to get rid of sagging skin and fat in the upper arms

Other body contouring cosmetic procedures that involved surgical and non-invasive techniques are also available. They usually aid in body and skin tightening and stretch mark treatment.

If you think that you’re weight loss efforts are for naught, don’t despair yet. With those efforts and a few surgical procedures, you’ll be able to laze under the sun or flaunt your self with your dream body.