For the past months, you have diligently worked on your diet and workout routines for this special season where you can finally show off your beach body. You are even feeling lighter and healthier making you think that your efforts have paid off. But when you look at the mirror, you start doubting yourself again and think: I’m still fat.

Well, it is certainly true that you were successful in achieving a healthier body. It’s just that you have reached the final stage of your weight loss journey where sagging skin becomes your most stubborn adversary.

After dramatic weight loss

After dramatic weight loss, say 100 pounds or more, which involved dieting and working out, you may find folds of sagging skin in your abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts and even in the face area. Don’t despair with your routine as these kinds of fats and skin are those that lost their elasticity as you worked out and are often the ones that won’t be easily reshaped.

This is where body contouring surgery comes in. In order to address the aesthetic concerns of patients as well as to help them gain better mobility, hygiene, and prevent infections and rashes, combination of different procedures is developed for them.

Body contouring surgery

A number of procedures are needed in order to gain the optimum body shape after one’s weight loss. Here in the Philippines, plastic surgery such as these is easily done to help more Filipinos who have tried addressing their obesity and other weight-related problems.

·         Liposuction for fat removal in the abdomen, thigh, buttocks and other parts of the body

·         Abdominoplasty for excessive skin and fat removal for well-toned abdomen

·         Buttocks lift for better shaped and toned bums

·         Arm lift to get rid of sagging skin and fat in the upper arms

Other body contouring cosmetic procedures that involved surgical and non-invasive techniques are also available. They usually aid in body and skin tightening and stretch mark treatment.

If you think that you’re weight loss efforts are for naught, don’t despair yet. With those efforts and a few surgical procedures, you’ll be able to laze under the sun or flaunt your self with your dream body.