Have people always told you to “cheer up” or asked you what your problem is the moment they see you? Sure, it’s nice to hear that they care for you, but it gets kinda tiring when you’re not remotely close to frowning.

Those annoying things that make people perceive that you’re problematic, stressed, or undergoing any hard times that make you look older are your so-called frown lines and wrinkles which appear around the mouth, jaw lines and forehead. These also include sagging skin on the face and crow’s feet.

Most people experience this. Frown lines are due to ageing, lifestyle, diet and skin care habits. Although natural remedies have been known to lighten one’s disposition and appearance, some more serious-looking frown lines tend to stay for life.

So if they have annoyed you to know end, get to know more about these treatments that could get rid of those stubborn lines.

Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures for Frown Lines

As said before, frown lines tend not to go away especially if their cause is age. Some of them won’t respond to natural remedies and would need a more aggressive approach in getting rid of them just like a cosmetic surgery which is popular in the Philippines and other countries as well.

·         Botox

A favorite treatment of many, botox injections paralyze muscles where frown lines appear and usually last from 4 to 6 months.

·         Injectable Fillers

These injectables are inserted into the skin to “fill in” lines and wrinkles which give the skin a smoother appearance.

·         Forehead Lift

Facelift surgeries are widely used to make the one’s face look younger. Among these surgeries is the forehead lift where the plastic surgeon will make incisions at your hairline to correct the lines surgically.

Natural Treatments

As said before, these frown lines are due largely to how we live our day to day life. If your pocket can’t take the shock of cosmetic procedures, there are those natural treatments that you can turn to.

Replenish your skin’s keratin and Vitamin E, which decrease due to ageing. A good approach would be applying olive oil, which is a source of many vitamins, on affected areas and could also help in re-growing dead skin cells that are affected by sun damage. You may also use apple juice or pineapple juice.

As for lifestyle change, it would do your skin good if you’ll take measures in avoiding too much sun exposure. Try lowering your caffeine intake and eat a healthy diet. You can also relieve yourself of stress by taking yoga classes or learning to meditate.

No one wants to look like someone who has been harassed all the time. With these remedies, you can turn those frowns to smiles.