You’ve already spent loads of money on a single surgery, so if you don’t want it to go to waste you better start taking care of yourself. After your abdominoplasty surgery, you should listen well to your plastic surgeon and take note of his advice.

If you need further reminding, here are 6 tips for a smooth and speedy tummy tuck recovery!

Do not smoke

Smoking is prohibited before and after any surgery. One should remember that adequate blood flow to the skin cells is very important during tummy tuck surgery, and elements like nicotine present in cigarettes can hinder this.

Watch out for what you eat

Your body would need adequate nutrition, so better implement a healthy diet before and after surgery. Take also note of the foods that your doctor would recommend as they would help in speeding up recovery.

Water is your friend

To avoid complications such as infection, the body would need to flush out toxins and be cleansed. Fortunately, an easy way to do this to is keep drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters before and after surgery.

Sponge baths are the best

It is imperative that you don’t expose your operated are to water which might contain impurities. It would definitely become a difficult situation if it gets infected and your stitches worsen.  Avoid direct showers and treat yourself to sponge baths at least til 15 days after surgery.

Get off the bed

Yes, you would need help but as soon as your doctor gives you the go signal, you should not retire yourself to lying all day. Get off the bed and walk around a bit. By moving around, you can prevent the possibility of blood clot formation and for the incision to heal faster.

Wear firming support

To avoid swelling in the operated area, wear shapewear like girdle or wide binder which would support your abdominal area.

Things to Remember Post-Recovery

In the months following tummy tuck surgery, it is common to experience numbness and occasional twinges in the abdomen area. Swelling may also be experience from time to time, and may last even after a year.

As for the scar from the surgery, it will fade over a period of one to two years. Follow your plastic surgeon’s advice on how to properly take care of your stitches and scar. To prevent darkening of the scar, don’t expose it to the sun and liberally apply sunscreen to it.

For further information regarding abdominoplasty surgery or any plastic surgery in the Philippines and how best to prepare yourself, just ask Dr. Edwin Magallona for a free consultation.