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Vampire Facelift: A Bloody Popular Treatment

No, a vampire facelift does not really turn you into a sparkling vampire. Nor does it give you a set of fangs to make you look devilish or in this case ‘vampiric’.

To those who are not familiar with the said cosmetic surgery, the vampire facelift created quite a stir in 2013 when it was featured on ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Miami’. On the said episode, Kim Kardashian visited the Miami Institute for Age Management to undergo the treatment.

Plastered on viewers’ televisions was the bloody face of Kim K as a doctor applied needles on her face. And guess what happened? Plenty of women are now flocking plastic surgery centers for a chance to have the immortal beauty of a vampire.

What is a Vampire Facelift?

The so-called vampire facelift is non-surgical cosmetic procedure involves drawing a patient’s blood. After separating a substance that is filled with platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) from the blood, it was then injected back into different areas of the face. This has been used to treat wrinkles, and has been adopted by many to rejuvenate the face.

For some time, that kind of technique has been used to treat sports injuries just like in the case of  Kobi Bryant and Tiger Woods. Now, with each new discovery made in the field of beauty and medicine, it has been used for anti-ageing purposes.

A New Trend for Plastic Surgery in the Philippines?

With anti-ageing treatments dominating the beauty scene, it seems that people are no longer satisfied with a simple facial or Botox. In 2013, the $1 500 vampire facelift underwent a 800 percent increase. The treatment has become popular in the United States and United Kingdom, and could be on its way to popularity in any other country.

As for the plastic surgery trends in the Philippines, it seems that Filipinos remained to be conservative in our choice of surgeries. Popular treatments are still the usual nose jobs, breast augmentation, liposuction and Botox. For those who are more adventurous, little to no records are reported.

But with Filipinos also becoming enamored with how the mainstream media show new discoveries, could 2014 become the bloody year of the vampire facelift in the Philippines? Who knows the next young-looking person you see on the street could be one who has been ‘vampirised’.

The Royal Rhinoplasty: The Kate Middleton plastic surgery trend

Kate Middleton has been envied because of many things — her wardrobe, her regal posture, her teeth, her husband. And now people has found another thing to get envious of – her nose.

The Royal Rhinoplasty

It is no longer enough to just copy her style, but many women are opting for plastic surgery in order to also look like Kate Middleton even with just the nose part. Many have dubbed the “hottest spring accessory” of the year as the “Royal Rhinoplasty” or the “Kate Middleton Designer Nose.”

What made women desirous of the Duchess’ nose, according to psychologist Carmen Lefevre, is how “the symmetry of Kate’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect.” Women nowadays want cute, little perky noses that would look natural on their face.

The trend started in the US when New York women started flocking in plastic surgery centers with pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge in hand. It was also noted that the number of rhinoplasties done has tripled since 2011. The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group from Britain has also remarked that the Duchess’ nose was “the most requested celebrity facial feature in 2012.”

Rhinoplasty in the Philippines

Rhinoplasty is a procedure for the reshaping of the nose to balance the rest of the face, which involves removing or re-arranging the bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure in the Philippines, and has been requested not just by women but also men and anyone from all walks of life either to get their desired look or get rid of breathing discomfort.

The top plastic surgery done in the country is still breast augmentation, but rhinoplasty is on its way to becoming a favorite procedure. It is not unusual for a Filipino to remark how flat his nose looks that when one has a nose job done, people would immediately notice. But with this new trend of “looking natural” as what plastic surgeons call Kate Middleton’s nose, achieving a pretty little nose that go well with one’s face would not be a problem.

With this boom of Kate Middleton rhinoplasty, do you think the Philippines should also follow this trend?


Changing Lives through Operation Smile

Pampanga, Philippines – With a birth defect, particularly one that is located in the face, children have dealt far too many embarrassing moments and complications for them to live their life to the fullest. With this in mind, Operation Smile Philippines, in cooperation with Kapampangan Development Foundation, and over 20 local volunteers changed 82 children’s lives in a 3-day medical mission.

Last July 3-6 at the Rafael Lazatin Memorial Medical Center (formerly Ospital Ning Angeles) in Angeles City, Pampanga, over 35 members of Operation Smile and over 20 local volunteers took part for a free cleft surgery medical mission.

Dr. Edwin Magallona, along with 8 volunteer plastic surgeons, performed cleft surgery on 82 children ranging from 1 year old to 14 years old who have cleft palate, cleft lip and other facial deformity. Through this medical mission, he hoped to boost the confidence of these children who have been too embarrassed to go out, much more to go to school.

“Happy kami na nakakatulong sa mga bata. ‘Yung iba kasi di na nakakapasok ng school dahil tinutukso sila dahil sa kanilang deformity, “ he said.

According to the report from the Philippine Birth Defect Registry, cleft lip and palates are included in the top 12 birth defects in the country. In addition, one in every 500 babies born every year has a cleft lip, palate or both as deformity. With this figure, Operation Smile has dedicated 30 years of service to give smiles to these children.

Most of the patients were first-timers while some came for their second operation for the improvement of their past surgery. Dr. Magallona shared that he was saddened when it was not possible to operate on some children due to pneumonia. To avoid complications in the surgery, it is imperative that the patient is in good health and hasn’t contacted any illness for the past 7 days.

Dr. Magallona will be joining the next medical mission of Operation Smile in Pampanga this coming November 2013.

Operation Smile Philippines is a local organization under Operation Smile International which provides not-for-profit volunteer medical services worldwide to indigent children and young adults with facial deformities. Composed of Kapampangans with roots in Pampanga, Kapampangan Development Foundation provides social and health services to their townspeople. Dr. Edwin Magallona quarterly joins Operation Smile Philippines’ medical missions to change the lives of his countrymen for the better.

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Do’s and Don’ts after a Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery where the surgeon removes the excess fat from different parts of the body. This process helps gain a slimmer body with the ideal shape and contour. It is mostly performed on women’s abdomen and thighs, while flanks on men. In the Philippines, liposuction is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures.

Image from

While achieving your desired body figure may be as exciting as it sounds, problems may arise in the duration of the patient’s adjustment. It takes a lot of patience in waiting for your new and great body under the entire bruising, swelling and compression garment. Like any other plastic surgery, there are also do’s and don’ts after liposuction. Follow these tips for a successful treatment and fast recovery.


·         Do maintain a healthy weight. Even though the result of the cosmetic surgery is technically permanent, the body shape of the patient may be changed by aging, weight gain, pregnancy and other lifestyle elements.

·         Do get the right amount of sleep. Since your body is recovering from the procedure, getting enough rest will help speed up the healing process.

·         Do follow your trusted plastic surgeon’s instructions. Whether it’s keeping the incisions clean or the duration of wearing your compression garment; you don’t want any complications to emerge, right?


·         Don’t expect the results to show up right after the surgery. It may take a few weeks or months for the best and final outcome to appear.

·         Don’t take a bath yet, unless instructed by your surgeon.

·         Don’t take over the counter and anti-inflammatory medications, unless prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Some medicine may risk patient’s health and delay the recovery process.

·         Don’t forget to do some exercise. Once you’ve fully recovered,  you can continue engaging your body in proper physical activities to prolong the effect of the cosmetic surgery.

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“The greatest benefit from a dimple creation procedure is the boost in self-esteem and self-confidence that a patient gets, once he or she is able to flash a winning, bedimpled smile,” said Dr. Magallona.

Taken from The Philippine Guide to Aesthetic Reinvention: The New You Volume 3 Issue10 page 27

On the 10th Issue of the 3rd Volume The Philippine Guide to Aesthetic Reinvention: The New You, Doc Mags was among the top plastic surgeons interviewed by the magazine. He talked about the dimple creation surgery, its risks and the likely candidates for the operation. For those curious about this surgery, here’s a link to the article entitled Getting Your Own “Delightful Deformity”.

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A Quick Overview of the Arm Lift Surgery

Brachioplasty, or more popularly known as arm lift surgery is a “cosmetic procedure for those who have excess fat and skin beneath their upper arms.” Saggy and fatty arms have been the dilemma of countless women around the world. This happens for many reasons including diet, inherited propensities or simply, just growing old.

But if you want to avoid having flabby arms when you get old, diet and exercise should help you get your desired arm physique; but this is not always the case. This is where the arm lift surgery answers your problem.

This procedure will give you a noticeable and effective tightening and lifting in your arm and can even help in restoring your overall arm appearance.

Who Are Good Candidates

The good candidates for arm surgery procedure are those who have healthy weight, which does not change greatly, they should not have major underlying conditions and should not be a smoker. In preparing for this procedure, a person interested should stop taking herbal dietary supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications because it can be a great source of blood loss during and after the procedure.

The Procedure

Brachioplasty is usually performed with other plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation and thigh lift. During the procedure, the patient is first placed under general anesthesia and generally, the procedure takes up to two hours. Your board-certified plastic surgeon then makes an incision on the underside of the arm—from armpit to the elbow. Any excess fats may be removed using lipoplasty. After that, the surplus skin is cut down and the remaining skin will be tightened and finally sutured firmly into place.

Benefits of the Arm Lift Procedure

The most immediate effect of brachioplasty is the improved appearance of your arms. Saggy and flabby arms are eliminated and weight is reduced. The patient will now be able to move the arms much better. Patients also enjoy heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence. Final results only begin to show three to six months after the procedure. But the results last for a very, very long time but the natural aging process will continue to affect the whole body, including your arms. As a patient, you should be prepared for the continued loss of elasticity of your skin in the arm area.

Risks Involved

This is still a plastic surgery procedure so it still has its risks. The most common ones are reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, blood clot, infection and possible numbness. This is generally a safe procedure but if you want to have a smooth and fast recovery period, consult your plastic surgeon about how to prepare properly for the procedure.

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Dos and Don’ts after Rhinoplasty

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in US. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions to access the bones and cartilages that support the nose. Because the results are remarkable and affordable for many people, it has become one of the most lucrative plastic surgery procedures not just in America but in the Philippines as well.

The key to successful rhinoplasty procedure is having a realistic goal, knowing how to achieve it and being aware of the pre and post operative care. The last may be one of the most overlooked aspects of consultation that is why; a patient must always ask his plastic surgeon about the proper post-operative care after his/her procedure.

This article will show you how to deal with your post rhinoplasty operation. Follow these tips religiously to achieve faster healing.

Follow your plastic surgeon's advice for faster recovery after your rhinoplasty procedure. Photo from Google.


Oftentimes, swelling is worse on the first or second day after you leave the hospital and it may become more pronounced along the jaw line. Do these suggestions to have a normal healing: stay up as much as possible after you leave the hospital; this includes walking around, standing and sitting. Avoid bending over or heavy lifting, avoid hitting or bumping your new nose, sleep with your head elevated, avoid forcibly attempting to pull air through the nose, sexual intercourse and lastly, do not tweeze your eyebrows for a week.


Rhinoplasty usually has little pain but once in a while, you may experience deep and bruised sensations as a result of the swelling that occurs. This is usually worse at night and the prescribed drugs to lessen the pain often cause side effects which include light-headedness—this makes recovery more tedious. To appease this, try applying cold compress before resorting to stronger drugs. If this proves to be futile, your plastic surgeon will prescribe you codeine.

Nose Cleaning

Do not at all blow your nose for ten days; after which, blow through both sides at once. You can clean the outside of your nose and upper lip with Q-tips moistened with peroxide as soon as you return home from the hospital, but don’t overdo it. After a week, the inside of the nostrils can be cleaned with Q-tips with mineral oil and after the bandage has been removed, the nose should be cleaned in the usual manner twice a day.

These are just some of the do’s and don’ts after your rhinoplasty surgery; for more information about how to have fast and comfortable recovery period, do not be shy to ask your surgeon because recovery is not fitted for everyone. Your plastic surgeon should be able to design a recovery program that best suit your needs and lifestyle.


Six Tips Before your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Any kind of medical operation has its complications and risks. Breast augmentation procedure is no exception. In fact, for some women, it may be a stressful time; and stress makes you do crazy things.

If you are planning to have a breast augmentation procedure, it is important that you plan months ahead before your big day. Planning is important because it prepares you for whatever and whenever you need something.

Breast augmentation is a significant event in a woman’s life but don’t let the stress come over you. Here are six tips before your breast augmentation procedure.

Consult your plastic surgeon before your breast augmentation procedure.

Make Personal Arrangements Early

Before the big day, arrange everything you need after the procedure like your “recovery room” at home, etc. It is also important not to overlook how you plan going to the hospital or clinic. It is better to have someone drive you to and from after the procedure. It is advisable that you have someone with you within the first 24 hours after the procedure because it is the most crucial part of the whole healing process.

Minimize your Responsibilities

A board-certified plastic surgeon will advice that immediately after your procedure, you should take a rest. In this case, ask someone to watch over your children even just for a day or two. More so, even before your procedure, you should have extra fluids or food at home so that you won’t have to leave the house. Lastly, if you have prescriptions, make sure that you have already made refills.

Pack your Stuff Early

Think of having a breast augmentation procedure as having another baby. Consulting with your plastic surgeon is crucial in the whole process because days before the operation, he will provide you a list of items you should bring with you on the day of the procedure. Generally, this should include prescriptions, medications and paper works. The earlier you packed the better.

Get your Game Face On

To have a fast recovery, as much as possible, it is advised that you prepare for the procedure months before; but, three days before the big day, treat your body with a healthy diet and avoid alcohol. You should also avoid vigorous exercises because this can lengthen your recovery period.

Don’t Forget Your Hygiene

The night before your breast augmentation procedure, shower and wash the areas involved; usually, the plastic surgeon will give you an antimicrobial soap. After showering, DO NOT put on make-up, creams, oils, deodorants and even moisturizers. As with any other surgery, do not drink or eat the night before.

Wear Proper Clothes

Wear and bring loose-fitting clothes with you during your procedure; preferably clothes that can be opened from the front. Also, choose flats and slip-on shoes. Do not worry much about how you will look immediately after the procedure because no one really looks good after any operation. All of these items will make you much more comfortable.

“Before your breast augmentation procedure, your plastic surgeon should make sure that you understand exactly what should be done and how the entire process will play out,” explains Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona. It is important that you ask your surgeon any questions that you have in mind so that in the end. You will have the result that you want.

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Understanding Gynecomastia

Unless you are in the medical field, you might not be familiar with gynecomastia, or breasts in the male form. It is true that not only women have enlarged breasts, but a good number of the male population suffers from it. This is the reason why researchers and surgeons developed procedures to reduce enlarged breasts in men.

Men who suffer from gynecomastia need not to worry because it can now be cure by plastic surgery.

Causes of Gynecomastia

There are many factors as to how a male incur more prominent breasts. These include genes, hormonal imbalances, use of steroids, obesity, liver disease and many others. Normally, this condition is from the abundant growth in the glandular and fatty tissue in the male breast which gives them a small to medium breasts. 40-60% of men experience it. It can also be present since birth, during the onset of puberty or simply the aging process.

Do You Have Gynecomastia?

Although it occurs in people with normal weight or body fat composition, it can also be from being overweight. If your case is such the latter, adhere to a diet plan and exercise; and if it does not solve your problems or you still feel as though you have fatty breasts, chances are, you might have the condition.

These are Your Choices

Your options normally depend on the cause but generally, most men choose to have it removed either by liposuction, manual fat extraction or mesotheraphy. You can have it removed at any time as long as you are in healthy condition and has realistic expectations. For best results, you can always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Preparation Prior to Procedure

If you choose to have it removed, be sure to ask your surgeon about how to prepare. Just in case you become jittery on the actual day, always prepare before it arrives. Do not drink or eat anything after midnight on the evening prior to your operation; arrive in the clinic clean—freshly scrubbed with your instructed soap, no deodorant, powders, cologne, etc. You should also ask your surgeon about Vitamin C to be taken weeks prior the surgery. This is essential in good healing and to ward off colds or flu.

There are still other ways of preparing for the operation and you can always ask your surgeon about it.

What to Expect after the Operation

Expect that after your operation, you will be swollen and bruised; if such occurs, don’t panic because it will subside sooner or later. Your chest will feel more tender, stiff and sore a few days after but consult your doctor as to when you can move even just for a few minutes. Resting all day can lead to more blood clot which is very dangerous. Also expect pain, heat tingling, prickling and even burning sensations. This is caused by minor nerve damage but all you sensations will come back again after a few weeks.

Overall improvement should be expected in just a few weeks. Swelling and bruising will have subsided this time and results will become more obvious. More so, it takes about 3-6 months for the rest of the swelling to subside.

Breast augmentation in the Philippines is not just limited to women. Gynecomastia procedure is available for most plastic surgery clinics in the country. What’s important is that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure that only the best procedure will be practiced.

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Have Your Eye Bags Packed And Ready To Go

Our eyes are one of the most sought after part of our body, literally and figuratively. They say that they are the windows to our soul as well as the first physical trait that gives impression to our looks.

However, as much as we want to maintain their beauty, there are inevitable factors which give them soggy and unhealthy appearance.

Get those bags off your eyes by consulting your plastic surgeon.

We have some fat around our eyes as well as ligament, epidermis and muscle which help our eyes function accordingly. But, they tend to gain wrinkles, get puffy and darken due to aging and stress. These dilemmas are few of the reasons why we gain eye bags.

Yet, we can eliminate these dull-looking features through Eye Bag Removal with the professional help from Philippine Plastic Surgery experts.

Through Blepharoplasty or eyebag removal procedure, you can wave goodbye to your eye bags. This procedure removes extra fat along with excessive muscle and skin which reduces the puffiness while lifting your upper and lower eyelids.

Common patients are the older ones but blepharoplasty is actually open for younger ones too as long as the patient is physically fit to undergo the procedure.

You’re working hard yet your eyes are suffering. If they can only speak, they will tell you to take a break and bring them to your doctor. Give your eyes the treatment that they truly deserve.

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