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The Etiquette of Plastic Surgery

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in the United States alone, there were over 9 million surgical and non-surgical procedures done in 2011. So it is no wonder why there are lots of people who turn to plastic surgery to answer their beauty and health woes. But, just like any other trend, it also has its own set of rule book.

If you know someone (may it be your friend or acquaintance) who had undergone plastic surgery, it is considered impolite to directly ask him/her about it. A sensitive topic such as plastic surgery makes it awkward for someone who had it to talk about.

Plastic surgery has its own set of rules to follow. Photo from Google.

Etiquette guru Mary Mitchell told the Contra Costa Times on how and what to say to friends, individuals or colleagues who have gone under plastic surgery. “When we change the way we look, it almost automatically changes the way others react to us,” Mitchell said.

“It’s incredibly rude to come out and ask about it. Wait for them to tell you,” she added. And if it is really obvious, “give the person an opening, like, ‘Gee, you look great. What’s your secret?’ And say that without sarcasm. Or if you know already that the person was going to have a surgery, you can ask them the question, “how are you feeling?”

Mitchell also mentioned that many people actually want to talk about it. “People told me it was liberating to hear somebody admit to having work done and that it’s OK,” she said. “A lot of people don’t want anybody to know, but telling someone can actually help.”

Since plastic surgery is a major operation and can be traumatic for some, you would want somebody to talk to, a support system especially if it is an extreme procedure. It takes a big toll on your physical, mental and emotional state so it is better to rely on trusted friends and family members for comfort and support.

Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona of the Philippine Plastic Surgeon has a witty suggestion for someone who had gone under the knife and is not ready yet for the big reveal. “If you want to disguise your procedure, let’s say facial implants, which are most probably going to be very evident, you might want to consider changing your hair color or wardrobe choices  because most probably, their reaction is going to be: You look great, nice hairstyle.”

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A Quick Overview of the Arm Lift Surgery

Brachioplasty, or more popularly known as arm lift surgery is a “cosmetic procedure for those who have excess fat and skin beneath their upper arms.” Saggy and fatty arms have been the dilemma of countless women around the world. This happens for many reasons including diet, inherited propensities or simply, just growing old.

But if you want to avoid having flabby arms when you get old, diet and exercise should help you get your desired arm physique; but this is not always the case. This is where the arm lift surgery answers your problem.

This procedure will give you a noticeable and effective tightening and lifting in your arm and can even help in restoring your overall arm appearance.

Who Are Good Candidates

The good candidates for arm surgery procedure are those who have healthy weight, which does not change greatly, they should not have major underlying conditions and should not be a smoker. In preparing for this procedure, a person interested should stop taking herbal dietary supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications because it can be a great source of blood loss during and after the procedure.

The Procedure

Brachioplasty is usually performed with other plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation and thigh lift. During the procedure, the patient is first placed under general anesthesia and generally, the procedure takes up to two hours. Your board-certified plastic surgeon then makes an incision on the underside of the arm—from armpit to the elbow. Any excess fats may be removed using lipoplasty. After that, the surplus skin is cut down and the remaining skin will be tightened and finally sutured firmly into place.

Benefits of the Arm Lift Procedure

The most immediate effect of brachioplasty is the improved appearance of your arms. Saggy and flabby arms are eliminated and weight is reduced. The patient will now be able to move the arms much better. Patients also enjoy heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence. Final results only begin to show three to six months after the procedure. But the results last for a very, very long time but the natural aging process will continue to affect the whole body, including your arms. As a patient, you should be prepared for the continued loss of elasticity of your skin in the arm area.

Risks Involved

This is still a plastic surgery procedure so it still has its risks. The most common ones are reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, blood clot, infection and possible numbness. This is generally a safe procedure but if you want to have a smooth and fast recovery period, consult your plastic surgeon about how to prepare properly for the procedure.

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Dos and Don’ts after Rhinoplasty

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in US. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions to access the bones and cartilages that support the nose. Because the results are remarkable and affordable for many people, it has become one of the most lucrative plastic surgery procedures not just in America but in the Philippines as well.

The key to successful rhinoplasty procedure is having a realistic goal, knowing how to achieve it and being aware of the pre and post operative care. The last may be one of the most overlooked aspects of consultation that is why; a patient must always ask his plastic surgeon about the proper post-operative care after his/her procedure.

This article will show you how to deal with your post rhinoplasty operation. Follow these tips religiously to achieve faster healing.

Follow your plastic surgeon's advice for faster recovery after your rhinoplasty procedure. Photo from Google.


Oftentimes, swelling is worse on the first or second day after you leave the hospital and it may become more pronounced along the jaw line. Do these suggestions to have a normal healing: stay up as much as possible after you leave the hospital; this includes walking around, standing and sitting. Avoid bending over or heavy lifting, avoid hitting or bumping your new nose, sleep with your head elevated, avoid forcibly attempting to pull air through the nose, sexual intercourse and lastly, do not tweeze your eyebrows for a week.


Rhinoplasty usually has little pain but once in a while, you may experience deep and bruised sensations as a result of the swelling that occurs. This is usually worse at night and the prescribed drugs to lessen the pain often cause side effects which include light-headedness—this makes recovery more tedious. To appease this, try applying cold compress before resorting to stronger drugs. If this proves to be futile, your plastic surgeon will prescribe you codeine.

Nose Cleaning

Do not at all blow your nose for ten days; after which, blow through both sides at once. You can clean the outside of your nose and upper lip with Q-tips moistened with peroxide as soon as you return home from the hospital, but don’t overdo it. After a week, the inside of the nostrils can be cleaned with Q-tips with mineral oil and after the bandage has been removed, the nose should be cleaned in the usual manner twice a day.

These are just some of the do’s and don’ts after your rhinoplasty surgery; for more information about how to have fast and comfortable recovery period, do not be shy to ask your surgeon because recovery is not fitted for everyone. Your plastic surgeon should be able to design a recovery program that best suit your needs and lifestyle.


Breast Augmentation: Why Do You Need It?

Breast size has always been an issue in society. Women in general tend to be conscious of their breasts, especially that this is one factor that men, in general as well, consider when it comes to attraction to the opposite sex.

Lucky for those who were given naturally large breasts, they have lesser problems on self-esteem and confidence when facing men or even other people. But for those who were unlucky to have fully-developed large breasts, their breast size problem always haunts them.

Breast augmentation has many benefits. Consult your plastic surgeon now and ask him about it.

Science has always been a person’s best friend when it comes to enhancing just about anything that seems all-flawed and imperfect. From face lift to liposuction, science has come up with different surgeries that can improve a person’s – or a girl to be specific – physical appearance. And yes, since we’re talking about breasts a while ago, there is a better solution to have bigger breasts instead of wearing push-up bras and unlikely bra fillings – breast augmentation.

You read that right, that’s breast augmentation right there. Some girls might go raising eyebrows and ask why on earth she should undergo breast surgery, while some might go nuts in knowing how to get one. Well, let me tell you one thing: breast augmentation is not just about enlarging your breasts. It’s also about feeling good about yourself and gaining that confidence that you’ve always wanted.

Basically, breast enlargement is not a walk in the park and it’s not an easy decision to do. Once you go under the knife, there’s no turning back. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be threatened in undergoing surgery. I’m just trying to tell you that you need to be 101% sure that you want to enlarge your breasts because it will really change your life in a moment.

So why do you need breast augmentation? Simplest answer would be to enlarge your boobs. Well, we all know that already. To have your breasts go larger will definitely have more men – and women alike – checking you out because it’s an attention catcher, admit it or not. Besides, it will also improve your body in general, like if you’re aiming to have that 26-34-36 body size, breast augmentation will definitely be a big help.

Aside from that, bigger breasts mean more chances, or even right, to wear those sexy tops you’ve been dying to sport. If you’re tired of wearing the same old T-shirts that hide your small tits, breast augmentation is the surgery for you.

Or maybe you already have the size, you just want to make it look fuller or rounder? Breast augmentation covers that too. It’s not really all about enlargement, it’s to get that better-looking boobs that you’re dreaming of. Just a reminder though, surgeries are not meant to make perfection a reality – it’s to achieve realistic results for the improvement of a patient.

And even though it will already be a cliché, breast augmentation will boost your confidence to a higher level. You will lose that self-esteem issue you’ve been trapped in since your breasts stopped growing, and you will never have to feel inferior when you’re beside a girl with well-rounded breasts. If you got it flaunt it is the name of the game, and you wouldn’t want to finish last in this game.

Well, there’s so much I can tell you, but if you’re really considering undergoing breast augmentation Philippines, think about it very hard. List down your personal reasons for considering it and review them a lot of times. Also try to get a second opinion for it through your friends, family and significant other. You might be wanting it badly but they might not be okay with it. Consider how others will see you first. It’s good to feel good about yourself but it’s nothing if it makes you look like a dork among others.

Dos and Don’ts after Cosmetic Surgery

After your cosmetic surgery, there will be some swelling and twinges for a couple of weeks depending on the type of operation you have undergone. Your body will go through healing process and you must take care of it so you can achieve your most desired results. Here are some tips that you should know for safe and healthy cell repair.


Eat plenty of food rich with vitamins and minerals. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. These will help your body to regenerate energy and heal fast.

Not only that. Citrus fruits are rich with Vitamin C. But it’s not always oranges and lemons that are rich source of Vitamin C. Kiwi and strawberries can also give boost of strength to your immune system and help your scar heal quickly.
One the other hand, almonds also provide Vitamin E for your skin which helps the surgery marks to be seamless.

Drink lots of water. Remember that water is life. Stay hydrated to keep all your system functioning well.


Stop your vices even for the meantime. Don’t smoke or drink after your surgery especially for women who had breast augmentation. It can harm the implants and slow your recovery.

Don’t push yourself to work immediately. Take your time to rest and recuperate. Pushing yourself to work can harm your recovering body. Keep in mind that it takes awhile for the body to heal after surgery.

Avoid traveling. Some airlines halt patients to fly for a couple of weeks after major surgery. If there’s a need to travel, make sure that there’s enough facility on board more than just first aid kit.

Don’t hesitate to ask. If you have any question, feel free to ask your doctor. Even it’s a simple ‘what if’ will keep you from hesitations. Your doctor surely knows how to deal with your questions.
If you don’t have the appetite, you can take soups or juices for the meantime. But, if your stomach is completely fine, you can continue your usual diet right away.

Breast Augmentation Will Boost your Personality

I’ve been hearing a lot of my friend’s comments about their boobs. Generally, they are complaining about how small their boobs are. They are unhappy with it and wanted to have a reconstruction to have a better one.

When I asked them, why they are not contented with what they have, they simply answered, ‘darn! How can I attract guys if I don’t have big tits in the first place? That will make me more attractive and of course beautiful!’

I was surprised with that regard. Don’t get me wrong, but the culture that has been set here in the country is really inclined into that kind of thinking. If you have a big one you will have, most probably, a lot of suitors and admirers. You will feel better about yourself. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Wouldn’t that nice to have?

When I realized these, I understood my friends better. Before, I usually reject their ideas about breast augmentation Philippines, but now, I support them and give them tips to consider if they really want to have the procedure. With this, I am helping them to prepare themselves for the future boob job. I believe that they should be aware with its pros and cons to avoid regrets in the end.

Some people, not only my friends, believe that having a boob job is like a simple thing to take. People in the lime light make it seems to be like this, ‘it is a simple procedure’. Well, it’s not.  It can be fairly complicated and you need to be ready and convince with what you really want. It’s like preparing yourself to marry a guy; you need to know exactly if he’s the right one. Make sense right?

Breast augmentation has many benefits which includes boosting your self confidence. If you want to know more about breast augmentation, call us today!

Your plastic surgeon can go over the different shapes, types, sizes and incisional techniques he or she would prefer to use, and also help you determine what cup size would be the best fit for your figure. Whether you want to go up a few cup sizes or just want rounder, fuller breasts, here are some important things to consider before you go under the knife:

1.    Are you prepared to manage risks and complications? Breast implants are not without their risks. Complications include ruptures, migration of the implant, pain and poor adaptation. In some cases, you’ll have to undergo another procedure to have the problem fixed.

2.    Do you want to undergo other procedures with your breast augmentation procedure? Some surgeons may offer complementary procedures at a discount. For instance, you could get a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure that removes fat from your love handles or thighs, and then re-injected into the breasts.

3.    Are you prepared to buy new clothes? In most cases, you’ll need to buy a whole set of new clothes to accommodate for the increase in breast size. You’ll find that your regular clothes are much tighter and you might have to go up a size.

4.    Will having bigger breasts boost your self-confidence? Will having bigger, shapelier breasts help you feel better about yourself? For many women, the answer is “yes” and this is one of the biggest reasons to get implants.

5.    Will your significant other be comfortable with the change? Will your husband, boyfriend or partner be comfortable with this big change in your appearance? Take some time to discuss your goals with them so they have the chance to adjust.

So now, if you are determined to have this operation, better think of the following that I mentioned. I always tell these things to some of my friends as a professional advice.

If you have queries about how things really work, exactly, have our contact number and talk to our friendly doctors. They will be giving you specific tips about breast augmentation. Good luck!

Men Plastic Surgery Services, One Step Ahead to Gender Equality

Shampoo. Facial wash, deodorant, lotion, and recently a masculine wash- all sorts of things that women usually have innovated and made available to men. This sends a clear statement that being beautiful and hygienic, most especially, are not anymore a girl thing; it can also penetrate a man’s world because primarily it’s a need that needs to be satisfied.

The market changed its landscape as they notice this need. Men of today have been more sophisticated on the products they use. It’s not anymore just taking a bath and brushing teeth, it’s now making oneself more presentable and great through the use of many different products.

The modern male society has become open to metrosexuality and the use of beauty and wellness products as the trend turns out to be acceptable by many.

Maleness is being put out of its box as it transcend to a more open world and accept different things about the gender- things that are made unacceptable for many years because of prejudices and other ‘machismo beliefs’.

In addition to these products, men also did embraced cosmetic surgery which has been made exclusive for women for a number of years. One probable reason is the influence of male plastic surgeon in the Philippines. Many male surgeons practice plastic and cosmetic surgery in the country and actually, they are the ones considered the best and in authority when it comes to these procedures.

Just a little of the history, in the early 2000’s, cosmetic surgery was not very popular to male consumers, especially in the country. Only women take the risk to have operations for their physical appearances, either to enhance their natural attributes or to fix or restore deformed parts of the face or body during accidents. Cosmetic surgery has been closely associated with the feminine side, as I mentioned above, during the early developments of medical industry.

According to the statistics presented by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in, “men had over 750,000 cosmetic procedures, 8% of the total. The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased over 88% from 1997.”

The continuous growing number of men having cosmetic surgery as their option for improving or restoring a physical asset has opened the eyes of many to the possibility of female-oriented activities being applicable to men with high beneficial use. In our country, liposuction is not anymore exclusive for women. Rhinoplasty in the Philippines is not only for women to avail. These procedures are now offered to all just like in any other country that liberate them from the same masculine box.

In the Philippine setting, cosmetic surgery has become a fast-growing trend. One Philippine plastic surgeon said that Filipino man has already evolved into a person with valid concerns about his physical attributes and well-being. It is therefore imperative that he be made aware of the available surgical procedure which may further enhance and improve these physical traits.

In addition many Philippine surgeons now cater to 10 male patients per month on average, which consists of 40% of the total consulting patients. Top services demanded by men include liposuction, rhinoplasty or nose lift, eyelid and eye brow surgery, and scar refinishing or refinement. Hair transplant and breast reduction is also popular among male clients.

Male consumers have opened their eyes to the reality that for-women products and procedures are really not just for women. The goodness of cosmetic surgery is now being patronized by everyone, regardless of gender, as long as the life-changing effects are visible—obviously for the better.

Philippine Plastic Surgeon and Surgery, the Partner for a Better you

People come to a decision to have plastic surgical procedure performed on some components of their bodies for numerous different factors. Some do it for aesthetics raise, making them appear more youthful or even more desirable. Other folks, on the other hand, get it done out of a necessity, so that they can corect accidents or defects brought on by accidents, exposure to hearth, etcetera.

Considering the very fact that these kinds of procedures aren’t completed for almost any essential factors, one can arrive to some conclusion that the best result of it is mirrored psychologically. Thus, by possessing a reconstruction surgical treatment a person can fix their visual appearance, making it a lot more appealing to him or herself and with everyone else.

The Philippine Plastic Surgeon offers you the best plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

This benefits raise person’s self-esteem, bringing several distinct benefits into her or his lifestyle. Particularly, when becoming contented with themselves, folks have much more self-assurance inside their actions, are additional creative and their spirits are appreciably increased. They make relationships with other people, and socialize greater than after they are dissatisfied with on their own.

Also, individuals with inborn defects might locate treatment for his or her problems in plastic medical procedures. Eventually, this type of surgical treatment has nothing to do with plastics because these materials are certainly not linked to it in any way feasible. Rather, the name was derived through the Greek “plastikos” meaning “to mold.”

Each males and ladies endure these surgical procedures each day, for numerous various factors. Girls mainly desire some parts of their faces modified, or their breasts enlarged like undergoing rhinoplasty procedure, liposuction and breast augmentation. Guys, however, mainly wish penis enlargement, using the exception of some who desire aesthetic changes as well.

The leaders during this area are most definitely celebrities. These folks, planning to appear young and appealing in the course of their lives, are capable of undergoing plenty of methods of this sort. Plastic surgeon in the Philippines is absolutely on its hoopla that is celebs will be the first men and women to do this incredible daily life transforming encounter. For that reason, they act as encouragement for others, motivating them to endure plastic surgeries as well.

Additionally, they should choose the best individual to try and do the job due to the fact several plastic surgeons aren’t capable to do their career adequately. Eventually, there is certainly the cost concern. These procedures are very high priced. So, in order to get most out of it, make certain you receive your money’s well worth by using each of the previously brought up info into consideration.

While more and more people make a decision to much better their physical appearance via plastic medical procedures, there are particular factors they need to be aware of. Specifically, ahead of choosing to obtain the makeover performed, they really should consult using the surgeon ensuring which they are certainly not risking their health in any way.

Everyone is Entitled to Have Rhinoplasty Procedure

If rhinoplasty had been available years ago, maybe the Wicked Witch could have modified their noses to better cloak their faces and live like a normal people. Kidding aside, many people could have take advantage of this technology to make them feel better and get out of the humiliating world that they’ve been stuck into. But things are impossible during that time and technology is just establishing itself to flourish and that’s what we are experiencing right now. We are lucky.

Ask your plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty procedure.

The tip of the nose is the smallest third of exterior surface of the nose, even so the most complex. The smallest improvement in shape and angulation could have a profound influence over the appearance. Additionally it is the only attribute of the nose that is distinctive to each individual and accounts for a large proportion of rhinoplasties.

Rhinoplasty procedure is the operative process of reshaping the nose, stands out as the fourth most typical surgical procedure in the states exceeding 200,000 treatments done yearly, usually on individuals aged 18 and younger. It could be carried out for medical necessity or elective cosmetic reasons. When the treatment is carried out by a maxillofacial surgeon or ENT surgeon its goal is commonly corrective, to deal with breathing function or to restore injuries and body trauma. When done by the plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is meant to address aesthetic problems and to realize, most significantly in the eyes of the patient, a more pleasing aspect to the features.

There isn’t any generally acknowledged model of a perfect nose and the meaning of such may differ largely from person to person. In first consultation with perspective rhinoplasty procedure candidates, physicians work together with their clients to grow practical anticipation for the surgery’s amount of identified improvement. The actual size of the nose could be increased or reduced and also the tip and/or bridge reformed. The nasal passages could also be narrowed, or even the angle between the base of the nose and the upper lip altered. Physicians work with their clients to design improvements that actually work in harmony along with the patient’s overall facial proportions.

A rhinoplasty can change the amount, angle and height of the nasal tip. The surgery could be simple or very complex depending on the level of the problem. Numerous outcomes are feasible with respect to the client’s needs and the surgeon’s aesthetic perception. Just like in US, this method is among the typically apply in the world of plastic surgery in the Philippines. However specifically what will be the things that don’t forget that?

Nasal tip surgery could be either open or closed. In the closed process, the cuts are done in the nose resulting in no exterior scars while outside procedure is preferred by some surgeons because they feel that they’ve far better control of the shaping process. The incision is made in the region between the nasal passages and scarring is little. If infection is extreme, it may be addressed with injections of a dilute steroid solution.

Listen to your doctor. He will guide you to the ideal shape for your face. It is typically as common as reducing the bulbous tip cartilage or more sophisticated, demanding the use of cartilage grafts. Most surgeons choose to utilize the patient’s own cartilage material, which is often cut down from the septum, the ear, or even the ribs. The nasal tip is too mobile and exposed to endure synthetic elements for a lifetime. Care should be taken not to reduce the tip too strongly. It can result in a squeezed appearance and collapse of the nasal structure.

A good surgeon will always make tips in order to avoid side effects. Sometimes a little adjustment is all that’s needed to produce a big enhancement in your appearance.

Plastic Surgery in the Philippines: Changing the Lives of many Filipino

The typical and most widely used kind of surgery out there is plastic surgery also referred to as cosmetic surgery. A lot of celebrities and television shows make it look like a magical worker.

The truth of the matter is that plastic surgery can be very fatal when the treatment isn’t carried out the right way. Plenty of people get plastic surgeries to improve their appearances but their desires don’t constantly come true. Expensive, dangerous, and also unnatural – doesn’t make you contemplate why anyone would want cosmetic surgery?

Filipinos are fast becoming aware of plastic surgery and it has changed countless lives over the years.

Anticipate you’re standing in a place full of individuals that can use some enhancements in their bodies – which includes yourself. While you look at yourself in the mirror, you think, “I hate the way I look.” Thus, you ventured into plastic surgery to improve the individual you see in the reflection each morning. That is one great idea!

There is certainly one simple answer to the question mentioned earlier- physical appearance. With the escalating interest in plastic surgery, that involves either risks as well as benefits, people should think twice before getting implants or lipo surgery. We already read plenty of reports pertaining to several famous people who actually underwent to variety of procedure; some of the news are bad and frustrating especially for them as entertainers.

Medical science has provided substantially fresh improvement in body modifying strategies, including plastic surgery. You’ll find a number of types of plastic surgery procedures which can be carried out for cosmetic or restorative reasons. These advancements are now here in the Philippines to create many Pinays look better. Plastic surgery in the Philippines can range from slight enhancements to huge human body overhauls, based on the needs of the person asking for this life-changing surgery.

Plastic surgery procedures are becoming more popular for cosmetic appearance or age boosting worth. This could be used to remove or boost unpleasant areas of the body and face or to expand the aging process to keep an even more young-looking aura. Plastic cosmetic surgery employed in this fashion is often as minor as a small injection of chemicals to the face to much more obtrusive surgical procedures like rhinoplasty procedure (nose), tummy tuck, liposuction (fat removal), and face lifts.

Contrary to common perception, the most common reason for plastic surgery procedures is actually for restorative measures following other forms of surgery or to correct deformations within the human body. Plastic surgery can correct the features of babies delivered having deformed attributes or grown-up defective bodies as a result of another surgery to remove cancerous tumors (for instance), as well as to repair marks left behind by previous injury. Plastic surgery procedures in the medical field are highly regarded as changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Plastic surgery procedures have a superior rate of success when handled by a competent cosmetic plastic surgery provider. The combination of individuals with body distortions along with society being more accepting of plastic surgery could become an obsessive behavior that may get out of control if not properly handled by a medical professional. Plastic surgery is certainly a serious issue that should be thought about carefully before obtaining.