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A Quick Overview of the Arm Lift Surgery

Brachioplasty, or more popularly known as arm lift surgery is a “cosmetic procedure for those who have excess fat and skin beneath their upper arms.” Saggy and fatty arms have been the dilemma of countless women around the world. This happens for many reasons including diet, inherited propensities or simply, just growing old.

But if you want to avoid having flabby arms when you get old, diet and exercise should help you get your desired arm physique; but this is not always the case. This is where the arm lift surgery answers your problem.

This procedure will give you a noticeable and effective tightening and lifting in your arm and can even help in restoring your overall arm appearance.

Who Are Good Candidates

The good candidates for arm surgery procedure are those who have healthy weight, which does not change greatly, they should not have major underlying conditions and should not be a smoker. In preparing for this procedure, a person interested should stop taking herbal dietary supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications because it can be a great source of blood loss during and after the procedure.

The Procedure

Brachioplasty is usually performed with other plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation and thigh lift. During the procedure, the patient is first placed under general anesthesia and generally, the procedure takes up to two hours. Your board-certified plastic surgeon then makes an incision on the underside of the arm—from armpit to the elbow. Any excess fats may be removed using lipoplasty. After that, the surplus skin is cut down and the remaining skin will be tightened and finally sutured firmly into place.

Benefits of the Arm Lift Procedure

The most immediate effect of brachioplasty is the improved appearance of your arms. Saggy and flabby arms are eliminated and weight is reduced. The patient will now be able to move the arms much better. Patients also enjoy heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence. Final results only begin to show three to six months after the procedure. But the results last for a very, very long time but the natural aging process will continue to affect the whole body, including your arms. As a patient, you should be prepared for the continued loss of elasticity of your skin in the arm area.

Risks Involved

This is still a plastic surgery procedure so it still has its risks. The most common ones are reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, blood clot, infection and possible numbness. This is generally a safe procedure but if you want to have a smooth and fast recovery period, consult your plastic surgeon about how to prepare properly for the procedure.

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Facts on Arm Lifting

Saggy and droopy upper arms can make you feel really uncomfortable. Loose upper arm is most often related with extreme weight loss, pregnancy and aging. An arm lift, technically known as brachioplasty can be the solution for a loss of skin elasticity or excess skin.

An arm lift surgery usually takes two hours depending on the extent of the surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions on the inside or back of your arm. Incisions may span from the underarm to just above the elbow. Some people may only require minimal incisions from the area where the inner, upper arm joins the armpit. After the incision is made, excess fat may be removed with liposuction. Excessive skin is then trimmed, tightened and sutured in place with absorbable sutures, or stitches that will be removed within one or two weeks of the surgery. Your skin is then smoothed over the new contour of your arm.

The best candidates for brachioplasty are those people who have lost massive weight that tends to result in a significant amount of fat hanging under their arms. The soft tissue of the arm becomes lax, setting the stage for sagging, otherwise referred to as the bat-wing appearance. Thin people, too, may have sagging upper arms due to the effects of aging and genetics. Even people who engage in regular exercise including Pilates and strength training cannot get rid of excess, sagging skin that develops in this area.

With every medical procedure there is a possibility of complications and arm lift is not an exception. In this surgery some risks might include infection, hematoma, anesthesia risks, loss of sensation, scarring, swelling of the hands and seromas (fluid filled masses along the incision line). However, the possibility for complications would be lesser if you would choose the best surgeon for your brachioplasty. You should look for a surgeon who could give the best results and who could make you feel comfortable all through out the process. It is very important to find a surgeon who had enough training and experience for this kind of surgery. Browsing for the before and after photos will also give you an idea of how a good a surgeon is. The price would always be a big factor for selecting a surgeon but always keep in mind that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

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