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Five Pointers for Breast Augmentation Patients

consultation-with-plastic-surgeonBreast augmentation is a procedure done to enhance the appearance of the breasts. It should not be decided on an impulse. This is a major cosmetic surgery operations and the risks are very real so it is important to do your own research so that you will be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared once your big day comes.

The process includes looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Philippines, choosing the right shape, size and implant type, etc. There are also financial considerations to look into. This might be too much but this has to be done so that you will be happy with your results.

For breast augmentation patients, here are five pointers that you should think about.

Implants Do Not Last a Lifetime

Here’s the truth: the life span of breast implants vary from person to person. Additional surgeries are common to correct or modify the shape or size of your breasts; so before doing anything, ask your plastic surgeon if you need to pay for additional surgery or not. Also, the longer that a woman has the same implants, the more she is at risk to develop complications.

Always Do Your Research

Treat your breast augmentation procedure in the Philippines as a business venture; and what is the first thing that you do when you want to start a business? Make a study and do your research. This does not only mean finding a board-certified plastic surgeon but as well as the characteristics of the implants. Take a look at the indications for use, risks, warnings, precautions, etc. because who knows, you might be allergic to it.

Always Talk To Your Plastic Surgeon

Your surgeon is your tour guide the whole time that you are going through this journey so it is imperative that you must have constant and open communication with him. He should tell you the risks, recovery practices after the procedure or preparations before the big day. Here’s a hint: to get the best results, you two should always be on the same page and have realistic outcome.

Learn About the Long Term Risks

We cannot stress enough the complications associated with breast augmentation so it is important that you understand them before pursuing with the procedure. According to a recent study, some women who had breast augmentation have experienced lactation difficulties or reproductive problems but there is no evidence to support these claims.

Monitoring is Imperative

Once the procedure is done, it does not mean that the communication between you and your surgeon is over. You should keep a close relationship with him so that he can assist you promptly if ever you notice unusual signs or symptoms during postoperative period. Self-monitoring includes self breast exams or mammograms. For women who had silicone implants, MRI screenings are necessary to detect silent ruptures three years after their surgery and every two years after that.

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Couple’s Ways to Get Rid of Snoring

Sleeping soundly does not mean that you’re always in the pink of health. A current study estimated that 45% of men and 30% of women snore on a regular basis. It is said that frequent alcohol drinking, smoking, asthmatic attacks and blockage of passageways brought by colds or sinuses are the most common causes of snoring.

On the other hand, many experts affirm that snoring hugely affect marital relationships. For an instance, the other half that is diagnosed to have this particular sleeping disorder has higher chances of getting marriage misunderstandings because his / her partner tries to sleep in the other room. Moreover, snoring is also viewed as a negative aspect in intimacy because it decreases the couple’s bed time moments together.

Surgical procedure is now been considered as one of the solutions to stop this disorder. However, this is rarely used and only considered in cases of very severe snoring when other treatments have failed.

Plastic surgeons in the Philippines have the following procedure to correct this sleeping abnormality:

Remove excess soft tissue from the throat to widen the upper airway. This may involve removing the tonsils and adenoids and other tissues in the back of the throat (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty).

Correct an abnormally shaped wall (septum) between the nostrils or remove nasal polyps that block airflow through the nose.

Change the position of the bony structures in the upper airway, allowing air to flow more freely, especially during sleep. More than one surgery may be needed to make these changes.

Implant plastic cylinders in the soft palate to stiffen it to prevent it from vibrating. This can reduce snoring and the daytime sleepiness it causes.

However, as mentioned, these procedures are for severe cases. So if your partner’s snoring habit is starting to become more often, it’s time to get rid of this problem before it turns worse. Below are proven safe, practical and innovative ways to save your marital relationship as you help your partner sleep soundly.

Take Up Singing Lessons

It’s no joke. Singing contemporary ballads can mean serenading your husband or wife as it also stretches your throat muscles to reduce irritating night time vibrations that cause the noise.

Have an intimate Dinner Schedule

Encourage a weekly couple’s bonding in a relaxing venue. Avoid restaurants and bars that allow diners to smoke. Second-hand smoke is very harmful since it causes nasal and lung congestion which often leads to snoring.

Wear a Snore Stopper Bracelet for Couples

Along with wedding rings, unisex watches and couple T-shirts comes the innovative Snore Stopper Bracelet as seen at Groupon Philippines. It is a multipurpose accessory that detects snoring from your partner, all you need to do is wear it on the wrist while sleeping and it will deliver pulses to stop the user from snoring. You can have this item as a shopping coupon only from Groupon. A more affordable and convenient way to acquire this innovative snore stopper.

Engage on a Physical Bonding Together

Whether both of you needs to lose weight or aging calls for a healthy lifestyle, physical activities like running, swimming, biking and going to the gym helps in clearing out blocked narrow airways that affects your breathing pattern while fast asleep.

Talk openly with your Partner who snores

If you truly love your better half, it is also assumed that you’re willing to accept his / her imperfections. Honestly telling your partner that he / she snores can mean that you’re helping to resolve whatever conflicts it can bring to your relationship as a couple. Taking some time to talk to him / her privately will make both of you comfortable with each other.

Couples don’t have to worry since there are a lot of instant remedies and cure for snoring.  If you really want to eliminate the habit, pursue hard not only to please your partner but also to take charge of your health and wellness.

More than physical intimacy, connection of your intertwined souls is the most important aspect of long lasting relationship. So come on! Don’t be shy to gently whisper to your partner’s ear the next time you hear him snore and let’s try to find out what will happens next. Good luck!

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