Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery where the surgeon removes the excess fat from different parts of the body. This process helps gain a slimmer body with the ideal shape and contour. It is mostly performed on women’s abdomen and thighs, while flanks on men. In the Philippines, liposuction is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures.

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While achieving your desired body figure may be as exciting as it sounds, problems may arise in the duration of the patient’s adjustment. It takes a lot of patience in waiting for your new and great body under the entire bruising, swelling and compression garment. Like any other plastic surgery, there are also do’s and don’ts after liposuction. Follow these tips for a successful treatment and fast recovery.


·         Do maintain a healthy weight. Even though the result of the cosmetic surgery is technically permanent, the body shape of the patient may be changed by aging, weight gain, pregnancy and other lifestyle elements.

·         Do get the right amount of sleep. Since your body is recovering from the procedure, getting enough rest will help speed up the healing process.

·         Do follow your trusted plastic surgeon’s instructions. Whether it’s keeping the incisions clean or the duration of wearing your compression garment; you don’t want any complications to emerge, right?


·         Don’t expect the results to show up right after the surgery. It may take a few weeks or months for the best and final outcome to appear.

·         Don’t take a bath yet, unless instructed by your surgeon.

·         Don’t take over the counter and anti-inflammatory medications, unless prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Some medicine may risk patient’s health and delay the recovery process.

·         Don’t forget to do some exercise. Once you’ve fully recovered,  you can continue engaging your body in proper physical activities to prolong the effect of the cosmetic surgery.

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